Shelley showed me the home that I bought, and she got the ball rolling with me putting an offer on my new home. Sarah and Shelley are a great team, and their contacts from a mortgage person, painter, and landscape guy were also impressive. Windermere you should feel lucky to have Sarah and Shelley on your team! Shelley showed me a home I was interested in, but I didn’t think I had a chance of getting. I didn’t think I could get the house because my home wasn’t quite ready to go on the market. After a minute or two of the showing I told Shelley that I would put in an offer on this house today. When I said that, it was more of a pipe dream, but to my astonishment Shelley said okay we can make that happen. And so that was the moment when I thought I could actually purchase this home.

Sarah was great at communicating with me all throughout the process: she called, texted, e-mailed pretty 24-7 to update me about the process of the sale/purchase. I texted her a few times late in the evening with questions and she responded quickly. Sarah took care of a backyard situation that was bad, she told her landscape guy to take care of it. Sarah suggested that I edit out a few furniture items from my home and she had my home staged. When that was done my home looked amazing and move in ready. When I wasn’t quick to respond to my mortgage lender or other point of contact, Sarah would contact me to get me back on track. The day of closing I told Sarah that I had accidently peeled off some paint in the kitchen the previous night when removing the kitchen TV cable … and two hours later she had her paint guy at my house fixing the problem. I don’t think I would have gotten my new home with another agent. I feel like Sarah had to go above and beyond with my contingent offer. I am now in my forever home thanks to Sarah and Shelley.

― Matt, Buyer and Seller, 9/2017